XCCOUTSOURCING is a land based outsourcing division of Infinite Contact Support Call Center in the Philippines, that started August of 2010. It is primarily engaged in recruiting professionals, skilled and unskilled individuals for employment all over the country.

GOAL: To ensure utmost satisfaction to our clients by providing them with excellent and high-quality service in an honest and ethical manner

SERVICES: We offer to clients (employers) a variety of applicants specialized in different areas of profession. Every applicant undergoes a rigid background check and examination.

We can provide you with the pre-screened, academically and technically qualified office and industrial workers. IN SHORT WE DON’T DO REFERRALS. You don’t have to pay us if the applicant is NOT QUALIFIED.

You will be spared of the normal recruitment process, which usually begins with expensive advertisement, to vigorous preliminary interviews, testing, character checking and others.

You are given a six (6) working days, once you hire our applicants, and if their performance would fall short of your standards, or they immediately resign or goes AWOL we can replace them with no payment yet.


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